Curated ICO Selection – February

Synapse AI

This interesting token has captured our attention; being a decentralized AI network that trains itself and helps Holders get paid for sharing their data. The idea of the token is to connect Data sellers to Data Buyers. Most users unknowingly or unwillingly sell their personal data to companies and do not receive any compensation. Synapse aims to create a fair market place where users are compensated for sharing their data on an Ethereum platform.

Cashless Synapse AI

The SYN utility token powers the market place for data buyers and sellers. Sellers can choose exactly what aspect of their data they would like to sell and this data would be available for purchase on Synapse’ decentralized market place which spans a multitude of industries such as marketing, entertainment, education, pharma etc.

The Synapse ICO is open until March 12th. Tokens are currently selling at a rate of 1008 SYN for 0.1 ETH, which is good value for such a project. Especially with a revolution in Data Protection laws in the EU and across the world

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Cashless Synapse Token


This seems like an innovate approach in creating an exchange for crypto-currency trading on the Ethereum platform. The supposed benefits of this platform is its user friendly interface (not yet available to the public) and its speed since its based on the Ethereum chain. The thing that captures the eye however, is its decentralization (implying users have complete control over their crypto assets unlike regular exchanges) and it’s safety considering users control their crypto assets on the blockchain.

Cashless Corbit Token

Moving on to the token usage, the CEX token allows holders to claim a share of fees generated by the payment service and exchange. Consider this to be a pool of holders gaining assets as the number of transactions increase on the exchange, and as the value of the token rises. As a holder of CEX token, it is proposed that holders will receive 50% of the transaction fees of every transaction divided by the amount of all distributed tokens.

The airdrop lasts till 9th of March with users receiving 30 CEX tokens for participating and 10 CEX tokens for every referral. All you need is an Ethereum public address from MyEtherWallet and you’re ready to get your free tokens! At a value of $0.2 for 1 CEX token, this is the best entry point for an exchange of this potential. This is a great long term hold as Corbit plans to deploy into Main-net by Q4 2018 and provide margin trading in 2019. Corbit

Corbit Token Cashless

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NEM rallies despite Coincheck hack and Updates

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck confirmed one of the biggest hacks in financial history, with an estimated loss of 260,000 NEM tokens amounting to approximately $500 million. All trade deposits and withdrawals have been temporarily disabled until all vulnerabilities getfixed.

Coincheck will be using their own cash reserves to refund customers affected by the hack. According to coincheck corporate, NEM holders will be refunded in Fiat at a rate of 88.549 yen multiplied by NEM in possession. Updates on exact timelines would be announced shortly.

In an interview with Medium, Jeff McDonald, Vice President of the NEM foundation stated that they are taking measures to catch the perpetrators of this hack. All stolen assets will soon have a tagging system that will follow the stolen NEM tokens. Thus the foundation would be alerted whenever these tokens exchanges hands.

But most surprisingly, despite eclipsing Mt. Gox by $50 million in monetary value, the impact on the crypto markets was relatively unsubstantial. With most coins value dropping by 5%. NEM itself rallied back to $1 within 24 hours of the hack. Indicative of the bullish long term sentiment on NEM.

P.S: This incident is yet another reminder to never hld your crypto-assets on exchanges. Always transfer to a cold wallet. Ledger Nano S is considered one of the safest and cost effective solution in the market.